Text Girl Hang Out

Mindy Kaling, writer and actress on the office, is fun. Very funny. You can make a history of media of summer camp, where the main character is (still) a springboard, bleeding after a collision with the water, and their parents will not say never old stock consultant, says the situation. It was a joke with his girlfriend to a game adapter driver/prima TV. This is a natural evolution for them, try to write with the hand in a book. In any case almost Kalings new book, the world is hanging me without compare? (And other questions), Fey best seller, Bossypants. It is not because the two authors also (or not) to see, or on the same television show (I'm not), mainly because the two TV writers and actors. And Tony white, that there is no comparison, as underlined at the beginning of the book, see the book by Fey better. Unfortunately I don't have Tina, perhaps because it is very difficult text girl hang out to attract it there in a Freaky Friday situation where we could change, although in the aspect of film so easy to make. Believe me, I tried it. The thing is that they are not as different. Although Leo Bossypants, can say that Tony the book very well. Intelligent and funny, wrote a sincere voice. Book reads more like a letter to a friend as a book of memories and I liked about this topic. Because the book is not a book of memories - of course, this is the true story of his life, but it is divided into short essays, like Sedaris (only the conversation much more). He said that the parts causes humorous or thought of their lives, those who have helped his career. Will also be included in the book (or Pliests as they are called), trials that are mostly lists,.